Wednesday, August 17, 2011


So I'm already used to having to budget things. My husband and I don't make a lot now, and we're supporting toddler twins. Luckily, they share toys, and since one is bigger than the other, I can technically do the hand-me-downs with clothes. I have to work part-time since the cost of childcare is outrageous, especially for 2. We make about 2k a month. Not a lot. Rent around here for a 2 bedroom can run you $600-1000. Not bad nationally. We've seen some nice places around Hilo for less. My husband is really close to getting this better job now working with the Marcellus Shale boom. He can't move any further up where he is now considering he's senior supervisor. Money's decent, it's a good job, but drilling pays double that. And gets us to Hawaii sooner!

So our pre-plan is, as follows:
- get a car so hubby can get back and forth to work while on the road
- get an apartment. our rental is in such bad shape, I don't think it will last another winter.
- pay off our debts
- the kids finish preschool, and we might move to WV for a year. The family wants to spend time with the kids and don't really want to go to Hawaii to see them.

Then our plan to get there is:
- get to L.A. via one-way rental car. My husband hates to fly, and we want to see the country. But we kinda want to go all over, which will take too long. Enterprise runs about $170 a day for a one-way. I'm considering a train at this point.
- L.A. to Honolulu via ?? I think I was looking at Carnival Cruises. $4500 for a 12 day. I don't think you can just get off and stay there though. The flight is $1,300 for 4 of us and only 5.5 hours. Another $100 at the skybar to get my husband comatose. Cheap and quick, my favorite.
- Honolulu for a week. Shopping, sightseeing, the works.
- Island hop for another week. I'm dying to see Kauai. I might sink my anchor and never leave.
- Then the big island, checking out Hilo, Kona and the volcanos. Making sure we like it. Finding a place, (used) car, all new (to us, probably mostly used) stuff, etc. I'm not afraid of second-hand, the idea of Goodwill in Hilo makes me smile.
Budget: $30,000.

Once my husband has this new job, we should have that saved in 2 years. So we're waiting for the call any day now.

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