Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Welcome to my blog! I'm Pami, 30, living in Pittsburgh with my husband and our twin boys. The boys turn 3 in less than a month. We have always wanted to live somewhere else. Pittsburgh is great! Don't get me wrong. I love it here. I've lived here most of my life. My husband's been here for a few years. His family is in WV. I don't have much family left here anymore. We've been teeter-tottering between where to live for a while now. Do we stay here where there's jobs? Do we move there where there's family? That's been the last 4 years.

So why Hilo? I've always been Hawaii obsessed all my life. I've never been there, but something about it feels like home. I believe it started on craigslist. I started looking at jobs out there. Then apartments. Then I came to realize that it's not much more than living here. Then we found a job for my husband when we get out there. Then I found out I'm in love with the science program at the University of Hawaii Hilo. So it's blown up from there. Now we're saving up, paying off our debts, selling off our stuff... We figured it's about $1800 to ship our stuff there. Or we could just buy all new. Our stuff is crappy anyways. We plan to start fresh.

This blog will be our notes, ideas, budgets, etc. We hope it helps anybody planning on living in Hawaii. We also hope to keep this going once we're there so anyone could track our progress and see if we catch the dream.
If you have any hints, questions, anything, please comment!

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