Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tsunami debris visiting Hawaii + a tiki Halloween

I found this article very interesting. It's about the Japan tsunami debris. Yes, there's still stuff floating around since March. It's crazy to think how much garbage is in the ocean. If you think about how much people litter, plus how much trash randomly ends up in the ocean, plus flooding debris, etc. and it's all in the home of tons of wildlife. It's kinda like this dead bird I saw randomly on a site that had like 20 bottle caps in it's belly. Anyways, it's pretty cool that someone tracked the tsunami debris based on currents.

I know I haven't posted in a bit. Life's been happening, of course. But we still dream of Hawaii. The big job hasn't happened yet. So right now, we've just been trying to survive. I tried to stop making big purchases, but we ended up with a car and a tv, which we won't be able to take with us in the move. Seriously, just need to hit the lottery for like $50,000, and we could do it tomorrow. I took my time enjoying autumn this year, because there's no season changes in Hawaii. I'm getting excited for one of my last snowy winters, especially since I think this year is going to be bad. Speaking of autumn, I tried my hand at a tiki jack o'lantern for Halloween. His face should have been a little more smushed I think.
I have this notebook full of Hawaii notes. I need to post them here. If you've ever visited or lived in Hawaii, or live there now, please share your stories!

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