Sunday, December 16, 2012

Considering Grad School

It's been a while since I've updated. It's really just a waiting game at this point. Hopefully, 3 more years!
I've studied every element in Chemistry, and on a fascinating note- I want to double major in Chemistry and Geology! I want pretty much every job in that spectrum too. Radiation and Nuclear physics interests me as well.
The big plan has also expanded! I want to earn my double Bachelor's Degrees of Science at UH. I would love to work at the geothermal plant on the big island. Or nab an internship with NASA. I would love to monitor the volcanoes and earthquakes. Anything to further the advancement of science. I want to enjoy some time in Hawaii, but then, I may move on...
... to Berkeley! I'm in love with their Chemistry department. I want to earn, at least, my Master's Degree in Chemistry. I want to work with the Department of Energy or CERN. I'm in love with science and energy. I would love to finish up some of the work of Glenn Seaborg (bio- awesome guy!!!!) and possibly advance the Periodic Table. I have some very big ideas.
But, in the mean time.. I'm currently drumming through algebra and linear equations. Slowly on my way to complete the 2 years of Calculus needed for my undergrad. Guess it's a good idea to have these next couple of years, while saving money, to study and become GREAT!
I really wish UH offered a great grad school on the big island. I'm still considering Berkeley. San Francisco's cost of living scares me. Pittsburgh has a low cost of living, and it's very easy to stay here forever. But it's not Hawaii. Hawaii calls my soul home. I crave warm weather and sun. I crave the geology of the islands. I crave the tiki culture and the slower pace. I want to step outside into a world of exotic flora and fauna every day, but I'm NOT looking forward to the giant spiders. If that's the only evil I face there, I'd be doing pretty damn well!

Friday, May 11, 2012

It's in the stars

Just a quick update. Finances are lining up so that it's possible to move to Hilo in 4 years or less. I'm studying chemistry now, so when I get into a geology program, I'll only have to worry about assignments and not curriculum. I have to retake algebra and geometry, and then learn trig and calc. Fantastic, considering the only math I've done in the last 10 years is balance a checkbook. I graded myself on my last attempt at algebra, and let's just say, it wasn't pretty. I have to take physics again too. I'm pretty sure I did well in high school and remember some of it. Then I have to take a lot more science. That's a breeze. I can do this. I'm just very excited that we got a lot of debts paid off this year, and we can actually start saving now. Hawaii is so much closer now, even though it's still a way off!